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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Life. A mystery.

I told fang I'll probably not blog today. But here I am.. There's always something to talk about. True!?

this thot occur to me a few days back. bit weird kind of thinking perhaps. but i wonder..

is it that the world consist of a fixed percentage of HAPPINESS?
that each time somebody is happy. someone else must be sad/angry/disappointed.
meaning we are always happy at the expense of others.
if not, then why is it that when you are happy, you look around and see ppl suffering, and not cheering with you?

or why is it that when you are sad, you look around and see ppl all bright and happy, and not able to understand your pain?

is it that before each of us arrives in this world, we are blessed with a fixed percentage of GOODNESS?
that if you are good looking/rich, you may have sucky character.
that if you are average looking/poor, you may have superb character.
does god give you a chart and ask you to choose (provided you have been good in ur previous life) if for this life, you wanna be rich but character-flawed? good looking but physically impaired? fantastic character but dumb? poor but charismatic? fat but eloquent? stuttering but loved?

we then come into these world, accepting who we are.
but then again, why is there some ppl who fit snudgely into the meaning of perfection?
or perhaps god is fair.. seemingly perfect ppl have their imperfections too. only less obvious to the public eye.. which is a sadder thing isn't it?

life is such a mystery.

remember your PAST..
cos that's what makes you who you are today.
but dun live in your past..
cos you may unwittedly lose TODAY.
you may not know what will happen TOMORROW.
but live today to your fullest..
cos it could jolly well be the most impt day of..
.your life.
-- min (concocted from various sources and made my own.)


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