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Monday, November 01, 2004

exams.. argh.

PS: notice my font size shrunk again!? sorry ppl, esp. mq and weilin. wahaha. i still prefer this font size. the bigger one puts me off blogging. like.. so unglam? haha.

exams are near. i m trying hard to do more work. but at this point in time and with my snail pace, i think i will never finish what i have to. but i m trying. trying to be more focus. more self disciplined. trying not to fall asleep. wahaha. argh.. but i'll make it thru, by hook or by crook. everybody, jiayou ba!!

came out of my hse today.. feeling terribly grouchy. life is so dull now.. its all about school. no fun. no shopping. little sleep. little of all the nice things in this world. somebody paint my world!! which is otherwise shades of black, white and grey now. =(
i took a train from Paya Lebar and by the time i reach Buona Vista, i decided to cheer up a little. like what i always say, "whether you smile or frown, life goes on as usual."
i choose to make my life easier. so =) !!

suppose to reach school at 10am and i reached at 11.36am (again!). by the time i reach school, the lecture is near to an end. but heck.. the lecturer himself provides me with a more than ample reason for not turning up. so i am on my own now.. gotta catch up with whatever he says. and hopefully.. do a good job at it!

love you guys. sorry for the dull entry. cant help it.. cos thats what my life is all bout now. *knock head on the wall*

maybe i end with something stupid here: one thing you may not know i am thinking.
-- i think i am a sea animal my previous life.
-- guess that explains why i dun eat seafood, esp. crab, prawn, you-name-it.
-- i used to eat seafood when i was young, maybe till age 5,6,7?.
-- yesterday, i lift up the cover of a bowl and saw crab+vemicillin inside. i dunno why but i feel like vomitting then. really..
-- like i said:
i think i am a sea animal my previous life, PREFERABLY a mermaid. wahaha.
-- but my brother told me that mermaids are supposedly evil. its disney that makes them good and desirable (rmbr The Little Mermaid?).
-- so well.. urps... heh.


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