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Sunday, November 07, 2004

the notion of being fat.

its funny how girls can keep rattling on on how fat they are or are getting.. have you ever met a girl who never once in the whole entire life complained she's fat? not for me at least.. thats *rarity*.

everytime someone comes along and complains that she's getting fatter and fatter, i'll have the tendency to go, "ok what.. you look the same. where got fat!!?" but then i will sneak a peek at my own reflection and mentally go "eeks.. i m fat."

1stly, the issue of being fat is not being literally grossly overweight. but having flabs around the most undesirable areas, like the THIGHS, WAIST (think: love handles.), arms, BUTT, face and TUMMY. so perhaps, you shldn't go "you are not fat!" cos when girls say FAT, we don't really mean it literally so. that is possibly the reason behind why girls always think they are fat.

2ndly, it didnt help that guys (ok.. some guys) enjoy making fun of girls on such issue. (like they are very skinny themselves. untone abs and all.) for example,
"hey.. wave your hands!" --> read: i wanna see the flabs on your arms tremble.
obviously guys like these lack tremendous amt of SENSITIVITY and ought to be kicked (and preferably locked up) in etiquette schools. ah.. save the trouble, just hang them all, get it over and done with.
i know of at least 2 girls who are victimised by such arseholes and lose some confidence since (though they look perfectly fine to be flaunting their bods). frankly speaking, it is a reflection of immaturity and if you think it's funny, IT'S NOT!!! so it's funny if we luff at how unsatisfactory you are down south? yes.. it's that serious.

media portrayal of curvy woman as "acceptable/truly woman" didnt help either. busty and full at the right areas. and slim and tone at all the right areas again. perhaps the only condolence is to think of the amount of time and money they spend at Marie France Bodyline and at the plastic surgeon's. so wells.. at least i m real. (and fat. imperfection is perfection. er.. ya?)

so did this help reassure us?
no. nothing will..

not that we dun like our bods.. (in fact, i think a woman's body is very beautiful. not sexually pls..)
just that there is always somewhere we could improve on. right gers?

get over with dieting (realise how dieting makes you fatter and fatter?) and move your bum off that couch to do some exercise. exercise? maybe tmr.. yes.. there's always a tmr. haha.


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