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Sunday, November 28, 2004


its funny how this always happen. when i gotta study, i relish every moment to do something out of studying. surfing the net. blogging. packing my room. watching Tv. thinking of the things i wanna do after exams.
now that i have all the time in the world.. i am happily lazing around. suddenly no inspirations to write about anything. though many a times during those crazy exams period, i wanted so much to blog but had to resist myself from doing so.

yep! my exams are over. relief. happiness. i m FREE again! it has always a symbolic act to come home after the exam and chuck the relevant files/books/notes under my bed.. signifying that i'll nv had to touch those yucky things again. ah.. all 5 modules under my bed now. and it feels GOOD! life is GOOD again..! *smile*

suppose to go running today, after months of being sluggish. then i decided it'll be nicer to just stay at home and lie on my bed. and then it rained! aahh... good. so now, it is not my fault. not that i dun wanna run. but its raining rite? tmr ba.. maybe. heh.. procastinating forever. hey.. but it is still raining now eh..

but yes..!! i m meeting xiang and yiyi for dinner later!! at cartel!!! then i can have my wedges. with lotsa of the dip and parmesan. then the free flow of bread. with lotsa of cheese and maybe some olive oil. yummy!!! too bad the rest couldnt join us. its so difficult to arrange the meet up.. sian. since everyone is all over the place.. some working still. love to see you guys soon though.

i already have a rough schedule out for next week.
monday: help out at papa/mama's shop.
tuesday: meet up with 26/02 girls for KTV. lalala.. good response.. everyone is onx. i m in shock. except for weilin who is in MY and jas who is not keen. (pls come leh..)
wednesday: meet up with UG. yes.. with Geo too!!! so long nv see her already.
saturday: meet up with my dear cousins. yay~

gotta find a job soon. lemme noe if you have any lobang ok.. heh.

thats about it. gotta go prepare to meet my fave gals.. tata~ i'll blog more when the mood comes to me again. lalalalalalala..


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