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Thursday, November 25, 2004

freedom in 2 days!! 3 papers down. 2 more to go!!!


hey yo hey yo.. i m back!!!!!! yesh..!!! but exams arent over yet. -_-" wahaha. 27th Nov. thats 2 more days!!!! i cant take it already. in fact, i have already declared HOLIDAYS since my ICM paper last saturday. so basically trying hard to concentrate and not think of all the nice things i can do after the exams..






i wanna go SENTOSA! (wahaha.. the beach. the sea. the sun. babes and hunks.)
i wanna go KTV with 26/02 peepx! (eat tidbits only. pls dun force me to sing.)
i wanna go cafe cartel with starhub peepx! (potato wedges pls! can you bring me parmesan too? thank you.)
i wanna go Shopping! (no limits. heck the limit. i just wanna spend spend spend.)
i wanna go Swimming! (gotta learn how to swim before i turn 20. i have 3 more mths to learn.. urps.)
i wanna do Sports! (trim that flab. i want mine TONE!!!)
i wanna go register for my BASIC! (guilt. yesh.. after dragging like forever.. simply procastinating.)
i wanna be able to lie on my bed without thinking of what i have to do.. what i have not done.

i wanna meet up with my frens! yes.. i wanna see my frens. can we meet!? i m "up for grabs" - weekdays, *weekends*! just gimme a ring.. (if you are meet-up worthy. heh.)

actually.. you shld know who you are.. pls be a darling and ask me out cos collin is leaving for Taiwan in 4-5 hours time. *tick tick* what the hell, right? i'm studying my ass off and when i'm almost seeing the horizon.. he's leaving!!! he'll be back on the 16th Dec. so i m damn free!! yup.. weekends, weekdays, anyday.

right now.. probably ALL my frens are done with their exams.. and waiting for ME to finish off with MINE (which is like taking FOREVER!!) ok.. maybe xiang is not done yet. (jiayou!!) but i cant wait..!! gotta admit that my spirits' a lil dampen knowing collin wont be ard but i'll make the most out of my collin-less days! i gonna make pineapple tarts (CNY's coming!?), bake cookies (for me!), cook up potato dishes (for him), probably try out some new dishes from the recipes which me and xiang so shamelessly photocopied using STARHUB photocopier. its basically this one huge stack unravelled (yet). cant wait.. tralalalalala...

needless to say.. i screwed up my Sociology (SC) paper ytd. how do i answer the questions when i havent even read the damn readings? i only officially started studying again on tuesday night. and my SC paper's on wed evening. it struck me as i was bathing, preparing to go to school ytd afternoon that all i have to do is to read the blardy lecture notes, textbook and readings to score darn well. but did i do all these?
NO.. if only it struck me earlier. i was happily slacking away my saturday, sunday, monday. total disbelief. but do i care..? maybe a little.. i m just happy it is OVER!!! hopefully this happiness is not a short lived one. (i m prepared to be an average.. not so prepared for the worst. so.. wells.. HECK IT 1ST!! what done cannot be undone? cliche piece of sh*t.. but how true.)

i swear i was hard at work for my previous EL and ICM paper that ended last fri and sat.
1) i went out with collin after my ICM test on Sat. i need a break for my effort right? sounds reasonable. watched TAXI. and luff my head off. its so funny.. and most of all, the company's great.
2) then Sunday came.. he's going to Taiwan soon. i wanna see him!! maybe i can go out for half a day. right? (i m so wrong.. i came back late evening and simply slack the rest of the day away.)
3) come Monday.. i cant concentrate (after no studying for the past 2 days). woah.. this website/TV programme/pimple/ant (circle where appropriate or as-you-like) looks interesting. (monday came.. monday gone. wth..)

then i got darn stressed on tuesday. cos i cant seems to get started. and obviously cant finish within a day. for the whole day, i'm practically hugging my SC reading pack ard the hse and still at the 1st page. for the 2nd time this month, i broke down and cried. i wonder if i indeed became weaker. never had i cried for studies. who cries for studies!? *couNERDugh* but this time round, tears flow freely. i dun even know why i cry. for that moment, i just felt i cant take it. maybe I M WEAK.

it didnt help that collin was so busy/tired with his preparations for the trip that he had no time to call me and me on the other hand, wanted so much for him to show me support. he probably had little idea what i m going thru anyway. so i called him and midway, (uncontrollably) i cried.. but he was there for me. i dun rmbr him saying this before but he told me,
"why dun you just tell me what's wrong and i'll lend you a listening ear."
no hiccups. i never knew he was capable of saying something like that.. sweet.
(for all u noe, i used to be chided by him when i cry. wat the.. right? or probably becos i tend to get emotional easily last time, sec sch days.)

i did feel so much better letting my pent up mood flows. literally. crying does do wonders.. sometimes. instant relief.. 2 more days to go. wish me luck!! will be there to join your fun soon.. very soon.

looking at you.. it just remind me of the reason why i fell in love with you in the 1st place..


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