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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

i miss you all. *sob*

Out of all times.. I m running a fever now. wth..
just a slight fever.. 37.2 degree celsius. but enuf to make me feel s0 deep down in the dumps. feeling so warm all over.. add that to an agonising sore throat. actually it started off with the sore throat.. and with all the tidbits, milo and chocolates which i hecked and ate.. good! its now back with a revenge. argh.. of all times.

i was frantically searching for a thermometer just now to confirm that i'm running a temperature. then i found the thermometer we all bought (forced to) during the SARS period.

ah.. how sweet the memories now. though we always dread sitting at assembly area or what we'll affectionately call, AJ Square. taking out our log books, jotting down the temperature and letting someone verify and sign. then my form teacher, miss lim will go down the row checking, like we are some primary school kids. she took it very seriously, but i think it is.. SARS was quite a terror then.
sometimes, you'll see weilin not with us during assembly cos she forgot to bring her thermometer. to have her attendance taken, we will then have to lie to miss lim that she's "in the toilet, stomachache." yeah right.. but its half the truth.. she was in the toilet.. but hiding there!! haha..
midway, it was rather sad that yongfeng was put under quarantine, then jasmine also (for going to meet yongfeng. duh?!). jasmyn came back after 10 days. but yongfeng contracted SARS and was made to stay at TTS for a few months i think. it was rather a dark period of time for me and the rest of 26/02 i would say.. uncertainty about what will happen to your frens.

yongfeng recovered and came back for his As even missing so many, so many lessons. but darn.. he did well!! (me: pangs of guilt. what happen to me? haha.) but he's intelligent i would say and hardworking too. in fact, when we went back AJ for the release of the results, some chinese newspaper (lian he zao bao i think) came to report about his SUCCESS story. heard they wanted to take a class picture. but the gals were all gone by then.. i was gone by then.. needless to say. my results.. it sucks. but i m happy for them. saw the picture that was published on the paper, the guys look happy. and jae chia (our physics teacher-cum-friend-cum-GPJ) was in the picture too. we owe it to him.. he was the only one pushing us hard.. believing in us. i nv went back to tell him how appreciative i m for all that he has done for us.. with my physics grade, he'll probably think he din do enuf. so nvm.. haha.

one day during physics lessons, just before the big As. mr chia (or aspiring Great Principal Jae) brought everyone a shell, each attached a pearl.

we are all like the pearl in the shell.. oozing with potential.
and the slide shows he did for us..
"there can be miracles, when you believe... you can when you believe".
some teachers come and go in your schooling life.. but some of them left an indelible mark that will never leaves. and deep down, we appreciate that.

i miss 26/02.


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