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Sunday, November 14, 2004

get me out of this.. looking forward to 27th Nov.

i promised (myself) not to blog till exams over, considering the amt of time i spend blogging each time. but things aint going smoothly these days.. i just gotta let it off my chest. else risk suffocating.. and becoming suicidal (heh.. kidz).

life is a total mess nowadays. never had school life ever.. EVER.. been so bad.. this is horrendous. not what i expected at all. exams are like next week.. i m so not ready. its driving me crazy..
the fact that its so bad is probably cos you dun even see your frens. i wanna see my frens!!! everyone's so busy. some studying.. some trying to study.. some on holidays (ting only!).. some slacking (and waiting for the rest of us to finish our exams.. weilin!)
time could be better spent doing some readings.. trying some questions.. somehow time passes without you doing much. then you get all stressed up for it means exams one day nearer and you are still at ground zero.. and this just goes on the following day.. and the next and the next.
perhaps its just me. y do i sometimes feel i cant take this anymore!? had 14 years of education not prepared me for this?

suddenly i realise how couples can break off when the guys enter army.. two person leading inherently different lives.. only to reconcile during the days the bf get to book out.. neither able to understand fully how the other party is leading his/her life. it is not as simple as it seems..
if i tell you i m on the verge on breaking down.. can mere words accurately portray the kind of life, the feelings i'm going thru now?

i m so.. so.. mentally drained.

on the brighter side.. i think i m prepared for next sem. i'll noe what to expect and what is expected of me. culture shock.. maybe. but y is this so bad? or did i just become weaker?

come 27th Nov 2004.. life will be good again.. i'll blog after my exams. i need to do something abt it 1st.. sure i do.


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