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Thursday, November 11, 2004

17 more days.. go..

(being chinese, the only thing that makes me happy is becos it means its another PUBLIC HOLIDAY!! heh..)

collin booked out ytd night at bout 7 pm. went to Jurong Point to meet him to have dinner after my class and was treated to SWENSENS!! (his pay is in!!! wahaha.) yummy.. ordered fish and chips though my throat still hurts and my fever wont go away. but its fantastic..!! they got really good fish and chips.. juicy and succulent. forced to drink plenty of water (yucks) after that though. and no ice cream for me.. *sob* set off for home after that and i guess he got really tired out by his SCOC earlier in the day that he was sleeping almost thru out the whole trip (i think collin indirectly caused pengfeng to sprain his ankle. gosh.. haha.). but still has the basic courtesy to walk me (halfway) home even though i insisted that he didn't have to. thanks dearie.. i appreciate that.

its funny how things can go wrong when you thot nothing's already going right. getting sick at this point of time.. is one of the worse things possible. after 19 yrs, i now learn panadols make you drowsy, which probably explains why i have been slping so much these days. and according to ivan and zibin, there exists something called non-drowsy panadols. (wat?!)
2 nights ago.. i took another panadol and was feeling extremely sleepy (again!). was climbing onto my bed when my stupid hand hit the cup. i ended up spilling the whole FULL cup of WATER on my precious LAPTOP. anyone more clumsy than me, must be indeed very very clumsy. argh.. at least i din see smoke and sparks. instinctively i turn over the laptop. *drip drip* this sucks.. i still owe NUS $2000 for this damn thing. if it dies on me, i'll die with it. i tried to on the laptop, then i realise some keys aint working anymore. gosh..taking my wise brother's advice, i switch it off and left it upside down overnight.
i m so done with my blardy exams thats coming up and now this.. thankfully, i have supportive frens. heh.. (thanks sindy and xiang!!) without my frens, i think i would have gone haywired in all these mess.

things are looking up!!
and viola! today.. my laptop working again!! aha. i'm blogging from my laptop now. and every keys' working!! hopefully it stays like this forever.
and my sore throat feeling better (despite the fish and chips i had last night.. strange. yi du gong du? haha. maybe?) my temperature dropped by another 0.2 degree celsius.

after all these things that happen.. i guess things can only be looking up from now on. 17 more days.. i'll reclaim my FREEDOM. to hell with all the stupid books.. what concepts, what theories. happy days will come my way when i am done with all these shit..


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