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Thursday, December 02, 2004

gimme nice complexion!!! now!!!!!!!!

sorry i haven been blogging despite (sickening) exams being over and i supposedly have alot of time in hand. but since my (sickening) exams ended on the 27th nov, i have been busy busy busy. and i m enjoying every moment of it.. talk about living a life, baby!!!

met my starhub peepx. (refer to previous entry) when are we meeting again??? with dorkie, jonnie and nommie of cos.

went to my mum's shop to help out. monday at my mum's shop = MAD DAY!!! totally crazy. the only day in the week where we had to open the shop at 7:30 AM. bet ya still slping at this time. busied ourselves all the way till about 12:00 PM when the crowd finally cease.

went back home at about 5 PM after all that tedious packing and met jacqueline at paya lebar mrt at 1920 to get COOKIES from her. yay~ so nice of her. her cookies are yummy!! thank you thank you thank you. will rebate u with my pineapple tarts, if successful! haha.

on the way back.. i decided to make some cookies myself for my KTV session tmr with the bestest girls of 26/02. contemplated that i'll 99.9% fail if i were to start from scratch, ie buy flour, sugar, etc. i went for the easy way out. i bought a ready mixed pack!!! wahaha. sly me.. heh heh. but hey.. i still have to add the butter and egg myself and i had to control the heat so all in all, my efforts are commendable, right? thankfully, it turn out good. i only burnt 2 batches cos i got carried away watching america's next top model. haha. (mercedes shld so be OUTTT!!!)

yuppie.. meeting my girls today. the best ppl in whole of AJC. nicest. cutest. lamest. you find it all. 6 out of 10 of us turn up. haha. went to Partyworld and had lotsa fun singing and hopping ard our lil room 27. this "funny" guy who was attending to our room ask if we are from NUS (3 of us are..) and said he is from NUS arts!! year 1 too. the next time he came in with our bill, he gave us a 10% discount, without us having to ask at all!!!! but as expected, when guys are nice to you, its not that simple. --> he asked if we could exchange no. haha.. we gladly took the $6.50 discount, ignore them (he and his NTU fren) and continue singing. yay~ hope i dun see him ard school ever. haha.

then we went for a lil shopping trip ard town. bought a short heeled wedges from URS and another zara spag. love Zara's spag!! the material is so nice!! and i bought a turquoise one this time round! nice~

we girls are meeting next tuesday again.. off to SENTOSA!!! yay~ hopefully the rest will turn up.. hello jasmyn? hello weilin?

went to meet ting, mq and geo for a girls' talk.. sat at nydc from 3++ and babble all the way to 6++ before we went for a brief shopping trip and set off home to watch SINGAPORE IDOL! so Taufik won!!! geo must be sad while meiqi over the moon. haha. me? slightly glad that at least we din have an ah beng for an idol. which doesnt reflect well of SGans's erhem, (good) taste, isnt it? heh.

i gotta buy that yummy green bikini from surf bay. i love that yummy green!!!! yes..! meeting xiang for shopping trip this coming friday!! cant wait..

today!!! (finally.. whew~)
visited the skin doctor finally. introduced to me by huiling!!! i m so excited last night i couldnt sleep. i usually just plop down on my bed and fall asleep in matters of seconds. haha.

supposed to wake up at 0700 so that i'm 1st cos i expected a damn long queue since the doctor is supposedly rather popular. (according to flowerpod.org) but the usual. i overslept and reached the place only at 10:30. i'm 19 in queue by then. haha. thank goodness i only waited for 1 hour to finally getting to see the doctor.

i was so concerned about what to apply and how to apply that i forgot to ask what causes this irritation/outbreak/ugliness and she din explain too. but i'll rmbr to ask the next time round.. which is 3 weeks later.

am perscribed 06 external medications :
1)cleanser 2)antibiotic lotion 3)moisturiser
4)sunblock 5)exfoliating cream 6)medicated concealer.
cost me $82 for all this. its within my budget. but hope it really helps.
results is all that matters.
if it really works.. i'll let u guys noe where it is. so far.. on flowerpod.org, they gave me so much positive comments i feel so hopeful. i want my nice complexion back!!!


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