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Friday, December 03, 2004

lured by money.

its official. i m going back to starhub tampines on monday to work.

i am happy. i am depressed.

happy cos..
1) i get to earn some bucks!
2) i get to be darn updated with the latest phones again!
3) i get to work with my hot chicks again! relive the good ol' days!

depressed cos..
1) i want the bucks but i want to play some more.
2) why can't cash just fall from heaven?
3) what do i do when collin is back!? working at SHTM means i gotta work weekends.. at least one weekend. argh.. dilemma.

but its official.
i shall go back next week and earn income for the week 1st before i think further since collin will only be back next next week.

going shopping with xiang tmr!!! yeah.. i will give myself more to spend since i m expecting some income soon! wahahaha. i gotta get that GREEN bikini tmr..!!!!! yay~


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