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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Shopping and ?

i woke up this morning, experiencing "hangover" from ytd's SHOPPING trip with xiang at town. we were together from 1++ to 9++, shopping shopping thru out, with a 2 hr break in between at Lido McCafe (where something funny happen.)

i blew another $100 odds today. plus all my previous buys since hols started for me, i think this figure will double over. but its ok.. i shall go back starhub and all these shld be able to be "reimbursed" within a week! yay~ got a Zara purple spag, a future state pale green SILKY top and 2 bras (which comes with a free G). retail therapy rox big time. now i m ready to go to work.. and earn my bucks back!!!

while taking a break at lido McCafe, with this super big cup of yummilicious Mos Burger iced milk tea, this guy and girl approached us and asked if we are interested in working for their future roadshows. he and his colleagues are apparently there cos they are from this advertising company who put up the Apple roadshow thats outside Lido now. up to this stage, we are fine with it and gave the girl our contacts. according to them.. the pay range about 50 to 70 bucks for a 4 hour job. no harm, since it will be for reputable companies like Apple or New Balance. ok.

then they started to sit down and talk.. for the next 2 hours. (mainly the guy)

so this guy is actually the director of the company. (which at 1st sight, obviously dun look like someone who is in this industry, much less the director of the company.) 6 yrs in the industry. but the company is his new start up of 5 mths so far. we chat a lil and when asked about what course i am in, he seems to got a lil more interested and then from the initial proposed position of roadshow assistants.. he asked if we are interested in working in his company as interns, which he rather call Executive Assistants.

up to this point of time, you may be feeling suspicious of this whole thing. (we have our doubts too.)

he showed us the brochures (its this nice ipod card) they are giving out at the roadshow.. talk more about what they do and how the industry is like. he even asked if we wanna attend this event held at Goodwood Park later where the regional players are gathering later.

it seems like a good break thru.. after all, this is the industry i always wanted to get into. (i always hope to work in event management company or in publications. which according to him, are all branches of advertising company and suggest if i wanna work for the "bigger picture".) if all this is for real, it'll give us an edge when we venture further into the industry after graduation.

when an opportunity is thrown at ur feet, people seems more skeptical and unwilling to jump for it cos it may be fraudulent. i guess we are more likely to trust our instincts if the opportunity is what we have fight for.

i dunno.. but we'll be careful. i think i'll give it a go..


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